How to Buffalo Blackjack

How to Buffalo Blackjack

How to Buffalo Blackjack

September 23, 2021  Authorbaji188

Buffalo Blackjack is a traditional blackjack game with two additional side bets. Usually, I would separate the side bets from the blackjack because there is no need to re-examine the game. The result of the 21 Magic side bet, on the other hand, is so strategy-dependent, demanding considerable strategy changes to maximize the overall return that I consider it a different game from regular blackjack, deserving of its page.

This game has a significant player advantage if the player is permitted to bet evenly on blackjack and 21 Magic bets, which is not always the case.

Rules of Buffalo Blackjack
Without going into the specifics of the side bets, here are the general rules of the game. The game is modelled on traditional blackjack, which I assume the reader is already acquainted with.

The 21 Magic and the Bust Bonus are two new side bets.

Limits on the maximum ratio of the 21 Magic bets to the blackjack wager may be set.

Rules of 21 Magic
The Magic side bet rules are as follows. If the player does not reach 21 points or blackjack, the wager is lost. In the event of a 21/21 tie or a blackjack/blackjack tie, the wager will be pushed.
For a victorious 21-point hand or blackjack, the wager will payout as follows:

  • 2 cards/blackjack = 6:1
  • 3 cards = 8:1
  • 4 cards = 9:1
  • 5 cards = 10:1
  • 6 cards = 10:1
  • 7 cards = 25:1

If the player doubles, only the blackjack wager is doubled, not the 21 Magic wager. If the player decides to share the pot, he must place an extra 21 Magic bet for each additional hand.